East Shore Landing - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I rent my Twin Home out?

We are a residential community. Unlike Commercial Condo’s the residents at East Shore Landing would rather not have new neighbors like you find in Commercial condo. You can rent out your Twin Home just like any residential property, the city of Crosslake has ordinances that will answer that question.

Can my friends and relatives use my Twin Home when I’m not there?

Yes they can. Please make sure they understand the Swimming Pool hours, know the Boating regulations, etc.

Can I plant shrubs and flowers?

Yes, checking with the landscape committee to help locate sprinkler heads, etc. will save every one time and money. It is your responsibliity to water maintain any plantings on your lot around your Twin Home.

Can I plant trees on the common property around my Twin Home?

Yes, with approval of the board of directors and the landscape committee. Locating sprinkler heads and utility lines before you dig are required to help prevent costly repairs.

Can I have a boat lift at my dock slip?

Yes, there is a rule in effect about the color of canopies allowed, check the current rules and regulations.

Can I leave my snow mobile trailer in the driveway while we go sledding?

Yes the Declaration’s allow you to temporarily (up to 48 hours) park a trailer in your drive if there isn’t room in your garage. There is a storage facility across the main road to store trailers in the summer or your boat inside for the winter.

Can I leave my boat trailer in the driveway during the summer months?

Yes, the same applies like snowmobile trailers.

Can I have my friends or company park in the street for extra space?

Yes, all the roads at East Shore Landing are our private roads, be careful not to block the access of other residences.

Can I use a golf cart to get from my twin home to the docks?

Yes golf carts are permitted try to use the access paths to prevent damage to the lawn. Driving on the stone pathway is prohibited. This rule is waved for persons needing access because of health reasons.

Is Garbage Service provided?

Yes there are containers for you to use.

Is there a contact phone number to call for more information?

Yes there is a contact number for the Property Management Company supplied. It is answered 24 hours for emergencies too. Use 911 for police, fire and ambulance service.

What are the times the pool is open?

There is “pool rules” posted in the pool area to guide your activities at the pool.